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Bloody Trundle

Well, my first recolour! Just bought Trundle and wanted a scarier skin, and I though, Why not? Includes: *Trundle ...

Annuseth - 37,965 views
Dark Lord Mordekaiser

So this is my reskin for the latest (and pretty cool) skin of Riot Lord Mordekaiser. Basically I darkened the skin a...

trashbringer - 43,968 views
Jack Sparrow As Gangplank v1.2

So i have heard from ppl that Gangplank Doesnt have Many remodels...So All of you Passioned Gang players is Time to T...

SizorBlade - 660,934 views
Firefang Brand

Hey everyone this is my first skin/mod for LoL and this time I believe I have fixed the problem before and submitted ...

Kelo - 57,407 views
Hades as Brand V1.2

So that was my 1st thought when i saw brand Funny Huh? Anywasy the models is a bit buggy But its playble(Nothing noti...

SizorBlade - 188,693 views
Veigar, the Magicer of Death

This is a Skin, which is really not easy made. I needed 3 days for his finish. I hope you think its cool...

Mokiller99 - 31,046 views
Kuja of FF9 with Voice Set

This download includes 3 different appearances for Kuja to meet all 3 skins for Janna. You can rename any of the sk...

Zerox - 84,741 views
BLOOD _VS_ TOXIC Mordekaiser

Two version avabile now! Shakalakalaka pumpambembem!! -BLOOD morde -TOXIC morde -hahahahaha -blablabla

bebo - 30,791 views
Hellboy Mundo

It's my first one so don't expect too much ;) but....enjoy

Emerail - 47,732 views
[Williamz] Tyndramer WOW Yrmijar whit Armaggedon

In that skin only changes: Model Skin. Don't changed portraits and load screens, i like play whit original gra...

Williamz - 76,370 views - Updated: 6 years, 4 months ago

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