Baby Blue Akali

Baby Blue Akali

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This is my first skin. Constructive criticisms are appreciated. Enjoy!

- Done using Corel Paint Shop Pro x2

- Used RevolverGunman's azure hunter akali as a base
- Changed hair to brown
- Changed color of makeup to a light pink
- Original color found on stockings, gloves area around neck, and rest of cloth
- Color of Armor is +30 brightness and +30 contrast more than original color
- Color of chopsticks and ribbons is +60 brightness and +60 contrast more than original color
- Smoothed out all area of skin
- Added a glow to silver lining of armor and some areas of skin
- Eye color changed to brown from green
- Recolored Flare-Rainbow_red_03 particle from KradisZ's Corrupted Rune Imprisoned Void Akali
- Recolored green_buf_03 particle from Trie's Drow akali

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