Templar Yi

Templar Yi

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This Is my first attempt at a character, I like it. And Yes I'm aware it needs some work... This was both my first attempt and first use of photoshop, so ya.
I removed some red upon the cape and feet after reviewing comments and dulled the white a bit, because if you use in game the White stands out like no ones business. as well the Edit, may look as if it has a zebra esk feel but white is hard to make well.
Edit: I have once again redesigned Master Yi, and I feel that this is a good white Templar Outfit, Theres a cross on the edit master yi's back that is not shown in the image. As Well Please Post, I would like feedback, and Thank You to those who have submitted feedback.. even though some many make me feel like a failure for making a skin. As well if theres any characters you might want me to work on just message me, I plan to eventually submit more skins.. hopefully Taric next...
Edit : I Don't like terrible, feels like a downer so I changed it to not so good, sworry if you disagree with my choice of words but I like it better this way. I plan to hopefully change it so that it is more pleasing and beats out the lovely Dark Blue Master Yi... Man Thats a good one, As Well I'm Trying to adjust the Image to meet everyones oppinions, thank you for the comments. Its really hard to please and make a white Yi. Aswell being the cross gained more attention I have removed the non-cross red, and will not be altering the black.

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